Due to the COVID-19 crises, also the second C-STEP “Future jobs” was converted into a 4 day online training course which was held through a series of webinars on the 9th, 11th, 16th and 18th of March 2021

C-STEP2 “Future jobs” is one of three C-STEPs, which are part of “Counsellors’ Study and Training Exchange Programme for Key Challenges of European Labour Markets and Societies” (Academia+), an Erasmus+ co-funded project. Find out more about the Academia+ project here.

The online training courses includes lectures from invited professionals, workshops with group work, sections for questions and answers etc. Parts of the online training was recorded and uploaded onto the Media Centre alongside all presented materials and C-STEPs material.

The units and topics of the online training are based on the outcomes of literature and resources reviews from all partner countries as well as an analysis of an online questionnaire answered by counselors, practitioners and experts regarding the topic future jobs from countries throughout Europe.

Target audience: career counsellors, career guidance specialists, teachers, lecturers of career guidance, etc.

Registration and participation was free of charge. Participants received certificates.

The online training and all associated material is in English.

Contact email-address: academiaplus.info@gmail.com

Contact person: jane.porath@hdba.de (Germany) (or see Academia+ project partners from Portugal, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Lithuania).

If you want to network with other participants, speakers and members of the Academia + project team throughout the project time and after you can join the LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8955519


C-STEP 2 “Future jobs” 

Each online training day will ran between 10.00-17.00 Central European Time (CET)
(9.00-16.00 UK and Portugal, 10.00-17.00 Germany and Luxembourg time)

Day 1

9th of March, 2021


Break 13.00-14.00 (CET)

Unit 1. Industry 4.0 and the impact on labour

  • Historical approach to industrial revolutions
  • Drivers of change
  • New methods, technologies and approaches to work
  • National strategies/support activities

Learning outcomes:

  • the 4th Industrial Revolution – Historical context of Industry 4.0
  • industry 4.0 and the consequences for the labour market and economy
  • drivers promoting the change of professions – the evolution of the labour market in the technological context
  • work and Industry 4.0 – The Age of the Intellectual Worker

Day 2

11th of March, 2021


Break 13.00-14.00 (CET)

Unit 2. Challenges and opportunities for companies within Industry 4.0

  • Challenges: Change and resilience to it
  • Challenges: Staff and structure of the company
  • Challenges: Competition
  • Challenges: Thoughts of the participants
  • Opportunities: New businesses/ Business models
  • Opportunities: New products/services
  • Opportunities: Organization of work
  • Opportunities: Thoughts of the participant

 Learning outcomes:

  • Segment of enterprises in Industry 4.0 – Industry profiles
  • Preparation towards Industry 4.0
  • Barriers to change
  • The Industry gender gap

Day 3

16th of March, 2021


Break 13.15-14.15 (CET)

Unit 3. Upcoming trends

  • New technologies
  • New jobs and skills

Learning outcomes:

  • Work and virtual technologies: new trends in the labour market and potential impact on employment demographics
  • New technologies: 3D Printing, Smart Coins, Cards and Payments, IT Security, Big Data, Analytics etc.
  • New business models and new approaches for emerging Markets
  • New professions and working condition
  • New job and skill demands
  • The most emerging and declining occupations and skills

Day 4

18th of March, 2021


Break 13.00-14.00 (CET)

Unit 4. New skills and competences

  • New soft skills
  • New hard skills
  • Upskilling/retraining of staff
  • Updates on education

Learning outcomes:

  • Challenges arising from developing future-proof skillsfor Industry 4.0
  • Hard skills on Industry 4.0 (technological skills)
  • Soft skills on Industry 4.0 (interdisciplinary skillsfor future workers)
  • News ways of learning


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