Academia+ project will develop the following intellectual outputs: 3 one-weeks Counsellors´ Study and Training Exchange Programmes (IO1, IO2, IO3 C-STEP).

IO1 C-STEP 1 >>

Counselling migrants and refugees

Unit 1: Intercultural Awareness
Unit 2: Recognition and access to labour market
Unit 3: Potential analysis and empowerment
Unit 4: Specific supportive measures

(28.05.2020 – 09.06.2020)


Future jobs 

Unit 1: Industry 4.0 and the impact on labour
Unit 2: Challenges and opportunities for companies within Industry 4.0
Unit 3: Upcoming trends
Unit 4: New skills and competences

(planned on 2021)


Demographic change

Unit 1: The challenges of an older workforce
Unit 2: Retraining in later life
Unit 3: Realigning the expectations of the labour market
Unit 4: Multigenerational collaboration 

(planned on 2021)

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