Academia+  support and consolidate the exchange and transnational training of counsellors in Europe focusing on the development of training programs to address current key challenges in labour market and counselling (Key Challenges for Europe´s labour market and societies: Migrants and refugees, demographic change and future jobs).

The project help to raise the profile of international cooperation within guidance by providing concrete tools, support and resources which demonstrate the value of mobility and transnational learning for professionals, and so help to increase the uptake of opportunities in different countries. By focusing on the development of training programmes to address urgent issues and current key challenges in labour market and counselling, Academia+ supports the provision of better services and guidance on competencies and qualifications.
The Academia+ project use the potential of the Academia network to develop targeted training units to further professionalise the learning of Career Guidance and Counselling (CGC) practitioners from all over Europe. Guidance practitioners are  able to learn more about the newest approaches to tackle current and future challenges – an ageing workforce, the digitisation of jobs and the increased prevalence of migration. They  also have the opportunity to learn about other countries’ approaches and experiences, both in theory and in practice. Therefore, Academia+ raises the Academia network to a higher level and prepares it for the future by also creating a digital learning environment which supports the one-week-learning units.

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