Academia Network coordinators online meeting (March 26th)

On 26 March 2021 was held the Academia network coordinators online meeting, hosted by Graziana Boscato, Euroguidance France, as chair of the event. The main objective was to discuss the state of play of the 2021 Academia exchanges in the context of COVID pandemic.

Dr. Rebeca Garcia Murias from the HdBA in Germany had the opportunity to describe how it worked out the second Academia+ online training (C-STEP2) „Future Jobs“ held in March 2021 where around 70 participants and 18 lecturers from various European countries and beyond took part in the training being actively involved through a wide range of learning activities allowing a great exchange of knowledge and experience in the field.

In addition, it was promoted and disseminated the information and registration concerning the upcoming C-STEP3 focused this time on „Demographic Change“ ( together with future steps in the frame of the Academia+ project.

Second online training days on the topic of “Future Jobs”

In the frame of Academia + project, Counsellors’ Study And Training Exchange Programme for Key Challenges of European Labour Markets and Societies (, has been carried out the second online training week in the frame of C-STEP 2 “Future jobs”. The online training days were hold through a series of webinars on the 9th, 11th, 16th and 18th of March 2021.

Around 70 participants and 18 lecturers from various European countries and beyond (Scotland, Ireland, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Greece, Netherlands, Armenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Turkey, Finland, Serbia, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc.) have been participated during these online training days (many of them, having taken part in the C-STEP 1 „Counselling migrants and refugees“) being actively involved through a wide range of learning activities (presentations, group work, workshops, discussion groups, article readings, individual exercises, open questions and plenum discussion, videos, virtual excursions, etc.) which allowed a great exchange of knowledge and experience in this field.

The great involvement, commitment and interest both from the participants and from the speakers who are experts on these topics made it possible to achieve a success during these learning days leading to further reflection and discussion through the Academia+ Moodle platform where all the training materials and resources for each of the learning units are available ( as well as through a Linkedin group designed for this purpose (

This encourages Academia+ team to continue working in the coming C- STEP 3 „Demographic change“ (which will take place on 10th, 12th, 18th and 20th May. Further information and the registration form here: in the same constructive and participative learning environment, characterised by the exchange of experience, knowledge and concerns among a wide community of career counsellors and guidance professionals worldwide.

 The project partnership set the dates for the two upcoming C-STEPs

C-STEP 2 „future jobs“ will take place in March 2021

Unit 1: „Industry 4.0 and the impact on labour“ Tuesday 09. March 2021

Unit 2: „Challenges and opportunities for companies within Industry 4.0“ Thursday 11. March 2021

Unit 3: „Upcoming trends“ Tuesday 16. March 2021

Unit 4: „New skills and competences“ Thursday 18. March 2021

C-STEP3 „demographic change“ will take place in May 2021

Unit 1: „The challenges of an older workforce“ Monday 10. May 2021

Unit 2: „Retraining in later life“ Wednesday 12. May 2021

Unit 3: „Realigning the expectations of the labour market“ Tuesday 18. May 2021

Unit 4: „Multigenerational collaboration“ Thursday 20. May 2021

10-17 o´Clock each day


Academia national coordinators ONLINE meeting

At the beginning of december this year (1st + 2nd december 2020) Prof. Dr. Clinton Enoch and Dr. Rebeca Garcia Murias from the HdBA in Germany participated in the Academia national coordinators ONLINE meeting. The meeting was organized and hosted together with Euroguidance France with Graziana Boscato as chair of the meeting. During the working sessions with discussions the participants received an overview of Academia 2020 and a first insight of Academia 2021 placements. Prof. Dr. Enoch and Dr. Garcia Murias had the cance to give informatio about the first C-STEP held as an online training in May and June in 2020 for up to 60 participants and more then 15 lecturers. Furthermore they promoted the upcoming two C-STEPs taking place in March and May 2021.

Project day „Education for Europe“

In the end of october this year (29th october 2020) Prof. Dr. Jane Porath and Dr. Rebeca Garcia Murias from the HdBA in Germany participated in the project day for strategic partnerships organized by the National Agency „Education for Europe“ in Germany. During different workshops they had the chance to learn more about different aspects gaining importance in the project timelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic such as OER, use of social media or video workshops. Furthermore they presented the project poster >> including the upcoming C-STEPs and the changes in the project due to COVID-19.