Web Portal for participants, counsellors and guidance practitioners and lecturers

Intellectual Output 5 (IO5) aims at developing, testing and implementing the project’s web portal that acts as a gateway and front end for the media centre (IO4) through which the project’s main target groups can access the project’s main outputs and components. 

 The portal consists of three main target group oriented sections:

• The participants section

• The lecturers section

• The counsellors and guidance practitioners section 

In terms of the technical infrastructure, the web portal contains the following elements:

• The web portal itself as an overlaying framework that provides access to target group oriented sections

• The media centre that will be implemented in form of a database 

• A content management system (CMS) that will be used as a learning environment by participants, guidance practitioners, counsellors and lecturers

The work and outputs within IO5 include the development of the concept, structure and layout of online platform, the technical realisation as well as the implementation of three target group oriented sections as well as the implementation of the web portal in all partners’ languages.