Media Centre and learning environment – Complementary Content, Material and Resources

Basing on the review of literature, media and resources and the units developed in IO2 and IO3, Output 4 focuses on providing complementary content, material and resources that will be made available at the Academia+ media centre as well as the interactive learning environment.

This complementary material will be applied in the piloting of the study and training exchange programme (C-STEPs) in the different countries. The resources will be continuously extended during the project’s lifetime and beyond. The media centre will provide during this time as well as after the project end a basis for the further organisation of trainings in the different countries. 

The media centre will provide a variety of resources and material such as videos, activities or exercises, ideas and examples for field visits and short workshadowing for guidance practitioners, counsellors and lecturers. It aims at combining the didactical framework of IO1, IO2 and IO3 with additional working material to be used in the piloting implementation of the C-STEPs. 

Moreover, it aims to equip practitioners with practical tools for their work in the field of labour market integration and job placement. The content, material and resources aim to provide guidance practinioners and counsellors, but also lecturers and experts with additional working material in order to organize and shape their practical working process. 

The starting point will be made by including the outcomes of the queries in IO1, IO2 and IO3. The most relevant resources will be selected, categorised and tagged/indexed. Through the project the media centre’s database will be extended, e.g. by means of scripts for STEPs, outcomes of group work of guidance practitioners, further videos provided by the partners and participants etc.

The interactive online learning environment (e.g. within the CMS of ILIAS or Moodle) will be one component of the project’s blended learning concept that complements the face-to-face C-STEPs. In the interactive online learning environment lecturers and organisers can find additional and more detailed information related to each unit as well as further resources (e.g. practical oriented tools and resources, fact sheets, videos etc.). 

While IO4 provides the content, IO5 ‘Web Portal for for career counsellors and practitioners’ provides the technical infrastructure for the media centre. All resources and material will be made available through national as well as target-group oriented sections of the project’s web portal (cp. IO5). Furthermore, all resources and materials will also be directly linked to the didactical framework and the specific units (cp. IO1, IO2, IO3).

With Academia+ participants of the C-STEPs will be provided with the material and resources they got to know during the exchange as well as with additional that helps deepening their knowledge and experiences in self-study-phases after the actual training. It can be used in the guidance practitioners everyday work. Such resources could also act as stand alone resources that can be used by guidance practitioners that have not participated the training itself and thus would contribute to opening up Academia to a wider target group. 

The media centre together with the webportal will provide an infrastructure in a technical and content perspective. They will guarantee that the effort, knowledge and experiences that have been invested by the organisers of the training as well as the participants will be made available for future purposes. By this the Academia+ implements a long-term, sustainable strategy.