C-STEP 3 ‘Demographic change’ – didactical framework, units and training resources.

IO3 aims at developing the didactical framework, the training (including training structure, training content, methods) and training resources for the C-STEP 2 on the topic ‘Demographic Change’.

Like the C-STEP 2 (cf. IO2) the C-STEP 3 will be developed on the basis of the outcomes of a comprehensive review of literature, media and resources and a needs analysis. 

 In the stage of writing the proposal key challenges have been identified which were the basis for the following very first, preliminary structure of the envisaged 4 units:

Unit 1: The challenges of an older workforce

• health and access issues

• combatting a loss of motivation to work

• advisors’ knowledge gaps and how guidance changes when dealing with an older client 

• labour market trends vs demographic trends

• barriers and stereotypes facing an older worker 

• The digital divide: support and training to increase digital skills of older workers

Unit 2: Retraining in later life

• challenges arising from skills mismatches and a reluctance to retrain

• how to make training attractive for older people

• work-based learning for the older generation

Unit 3: Realigning the expectations of the labour market

• Challenges for businesses in employing older people – stereotypes and misconceptions

• how to adapt recruitment and facilities to an older workforce

• Jobs and skills gaps where older people can add value

Unit 4: Multigenerational collaboration

• the value of life experience and knowledge of older people in training provided to young people

• developing multigenerational learning and work spaces

• the role of mentors 

The units will include recommendations on how to link theory with practice, i.e. in form of study visits,  , the involvement of representatives from practice (i.e. in form of lectures, work shops etc.) and/or  immersive experiences where participants engage with target group and carry out a learning/guidance activity together.

All units include sections that provide state-of-the art and research-based background information, activities for participants as well as material and resources to be used (IO4). 

The C-STEP 3 will be made available in a digital format. The material will be provided as Open Educational Resources (OER).