C-STEP  – Counsellors’ Study and Training Exchange Programmes

C-STEP 1 ‘Counselling migrants and refugees’ – didactical framework, units and training resources.

IO1  aims at developing the didactical framework, the training (including training structure, training content, methods) and training resources for the counsellors study and training exchange programme (C-STEP) on the topic ‘Counselling migrants and refugees’ for a duration of one week. 

In the stage of writing the proposal key challenges have been identified which were the basis for the following preliminary structure of the envisaged 4 units:        

Unit 1: knowledge gaps

• challenges arising from counsellor´s knowledge gap in the fields of origin and receiving countries´ educational and employment system

• background about causes of migration and flight, situation of refugees in the receiving countries

• methods and resources for detecting and dealing with misunderstanding in counselling communication, working with groups 

• challenges arising from learning and using a second language as medium for acting and responding in education, working environment and counselling communication

• intercultural awareness raising 

Unit 2: Recognition and access to labour market

• challenges arising from both the residence status and the recognition of foreign vocational and academic qualifications

• access to the labour market

Unit 3: Potential analysis and empowerment

• challenges arising in the framework of assessing clients` potential and in empowerment (being driven by all challenges named before)

• Methods of testing / assessment of competences (culturally and language neutral)

• Methods of empowerment of refugees and migrants 

Unit 4: Specific supportive measures

• challenges arising for access to and designing and handling of supportive measures and labour market schemes

• language acquisition in supportive measures and labour market schemes

• training measures for the adaptation of vocational skills for refugees and migrants

• legal aspects of support measures 

Each unit description will include in introductions and a didactical framework. Furthermore, all units include sections that provide state-of-the art and research-based background information, activities for participants as well as material and resources to be used (O4). 

The units will include recommendations on how to bridge the gap from theory to practice, i.e. in form of study visits (i.e. of employment agencies, companies, chambers etc.), the involvement of representatives from practice (i.e. in form of lectures, work shops etc.) and/or  immersive experiences where participants engage with target group and carry out a learning/guidance activity together.

While some units can be used on transnational level and perhaps need only slight adaptations, others might need an overall adaption to the national background, framework, and legislation. 

The resources for ‘C-STEP 1’ will be made available in a digital format. The material will be provided as Open Educational Resources (OER) .